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The health and personal care industries have quickly become an essential part of transforming our economies, our environment, our health, and our daily lives. Our customers help people to live better and longer.

To do this, they depend on the best available high-purity solvents & solutions, specialty chemicals, and bio-based ingredients.

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From our lab to yours

The Pharmco and Commercial Alcohol brands supply health and beauty markets around the world with ingredients designed to promote overall well-being. We strive to create a new standard by replacing petrochemicals with greener, cleaner solutions for products used in perfume, cosmetics, and body care.

Our focus on innovation, unique raw material sourcing, and bench chemistry expertise allow us to offer a comprehensive product line that addresses — and responds quickly to — current and future cosmetic and personal care trends.

In addition to the line of beauty and personal care ingredients we offer, we are experts in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support, providing customers with immediate access to all the essential services for successful beauty and personal care product development and implementation.

Pure Ethanol

Non-organic & organic options available.
190 & 200 proof available, depending on the source. Excise tax applicable, pending exemptions. Pack size from pints to 270 gallon totes.

Denatured Ethanol

Non-organic & organic/non-GMO variants of both ethanol and denaturants available. 190 & 200 proof available, depending on the source. Products are exempt from federal excise tax. Pack size from pints to 270 gallon totes.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Available in 70%, 91% & 99% concentrations as standard - custom on request. ACS/USP/NF material (GMP available if needed). Pack size from pints to 270 gallon totes.

Lab Solvents

Wide variety of lab solvents available ie. Methanol, Acetone, DCM, Ethyl Acetate etc. ACS/USP, HPLC, Glass distilled, LC/MS (grades vary by product, please inquire). Pack sizes available in 4x4L or 6x1L.

Discover what's possible

Download this free booklet which provides an overview of our place in the Personal Care market. With this booklet, you will gain an understanding of who we are, what we can produce and why Pharmco products are the leading choice for high purity pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol and solvents.


The Greenfield Difference

We are committed to unlocking the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

When partnering with Pharmco by Greenfield Global you join an elite global production, packaging, and distribution network committed to providing high quality solvent solutions to you and your business - when and where you need them.

Multi product
buffer facility

Scalability to meet
global demand

Consistent buffer quality to enhance performance of
final drug

Global footprint to provide GMP solutions to our global customers

A World of Terpenes.

In the Personal Care industry, innovation happens fast, and the stakes are high. The speed and agility of our service extends to our supply-chain transparency, service reliability, and responsiveness to customer needs.

Many are requesting that we service the industry with high purity flavor and fragrance terpenes. We canvassed the market and feel our customers can benefit from the personalized assistance that Abstrax Tech provides in this space. As leading experts in botanical research and ingredient manufacturing with a specific focus on terpene research, we believe they will be able to serve your terpene needs best.

For more information on Abstrax and what they provide, please follow the button below.

Have Questions?

Tell us what you would like to accomplish, and we will utilize our industry-leading experience in ethanol and specialty alcohol products to help you succeed.

Navigating all of the regulatory and administrative requirements for licensing and permitting can seem daunting, but we are here to help. We are happy to provide personal attention to your order.

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