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Pharmco by Greenfield Global is a leading supplier to the food, flavor and fragrance markets, offering a wide range of solvents and a variety of specialty alcohols, including GMO-free and Organic.

When it comes to any ingredient that goes into food, flavors or fragrances, the highest quality is of paramount importance to our customers as even subtle differences in ingredients can make a huge difference to the end product. That’s why we test orders internally to ensure the highest level of quality and control. Our lab capabilities range from simple wet chemistry to sophisticated metals testing on our ICP-MS instruments.

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Conventional Cane 190 proof

Certified by the NON-GMO Project, Cane 190 ethanol is a cost effective extraction, carrier and purification solvent. Product is available in Pure or specially denatured blends for a wide variety of applications in Food, Flavor, Fragrance, Beverage and Personal Care products.

Pharmco has over 800,000 gallons of dedicated tank storage in the USA for this product and we directly manufacture in a wide variety of package sizes available through our 12 locations across the country.

Conventional Grain Ethanol

As a direct producer and manufacturer of Grain derived Ethanol, our conventional grain alcohol is the workhorse that built our business.

Over the last 30 years Pharmco has been an industry leader in providing USP and FCC Pure and denatured Ethanol to global markets.

Tax-free Ethanol Blenders

By blending Ethanol at low concentration levels with Citric acid, Triethyl Citrate or Ethyl Lactate, Pharmco is able to offer excise tax free Ethanol based tinctures.

Ideal for beverage, flavor and food applications.

Organic Corn Ethanol

Certified both Organic and FCC, Organic Corn 190 and 200 proof add depth to Pharmco's Organic Ethanol portfolio. Greenfield directly manufactures this product under OTCO and ISO certified facilities in a wide variety of package sizes.


Available in both Palm and Coconut sources.

Pharmco can meet your conventional or organic requirements throughout North America in drums or totes for this versatile carrier solvent and health supplement.

Organic Cane Ethanol

Certified both Organic and GMO free, Organic Cane 190 proof is the industry's most wildly used Organic solvent. As the largest importer of Organic Cane in the USA, Pharmco directly manufactures this product under OTCO and ISO certified facilities in a wide variety of package sizes.

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We are committed to unlocking the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

When partnering with Pharmco by Greenfield Global you join an elite global production, packaging, and distribution network committed to providing high quality solvent solutions to you and your business - when and where you need them.

Multiple production facilities

Facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Scalability to meet
global demand

Facility in Varennes, Quebec

ISO, GMP & Organic manufacturing sites

Ten Distribution warehouses across the US

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