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The life sciences industry has quickly become an essential part of transforming our economies, our environment, our health, and our daily lives. Our customers help people to live better and longer. To do this, they depend on the best available high-purity solvents & solutions, specialty chemicals, and bio-based ingredients.

Life Science organizations seeking an ISO and GMP compliant partner for traceable raw materials used in critical processes choose Pharmco. From off the shelf high purity chemicals used in pilot scale processes, to
ready-to-use solutions for large scale commercial manufacturing, our materials are trusted by the majority of top 50 Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, and Medical Device organizations. 

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From our ISO and GMP Facilities.

Pharmco by Greenfield Global meets the needs of laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and both large and small molecule pharmaceutical companies from around the globe. Starting in the lab and ending in full-scale production, we provide high-purity solvents and critical bioprocess solutions through quality agreements with the majority of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

In medicine and the life sciences, innovation happens fast and the stakes are high. Our chemists and engineers find new ways to improve our products and processes, continually adapting and adding capabilities without compromising quality. The speed and agility of our service extends to our supply-chain transparency, service reliability, and responsiveness to customer needs.

Stainless Steel Returnable Containers

Improve process efficiency and reduce packaging waste with a dedicated fleet of 56 L, 200 L, or 1250 L pressurized containers.

Single-Use Bioprocess Bag Filtration & Filing

Streamline processes with ready to use raw materials for the production suite.

Multi-Compendial Solvents

Processed in accordance with GMP and tested for elemental impurities for critical applications.

Ethanol Blends

Any concentration of choice available. Most common are 15%, 18%, and 20% with water for injection.  Packaging in 4 L bottles, 5 G pails, 55 G drums, and 270 G totes.

Custom Solutions

Pharmco manufactures custom formulations of blends and buffers used in chromatography resin cleaning, storage, and regeneration.  Solutions are filtered and packaged under aseptic conditions in an ISO cleanroom in drums, totes, or single-use bioprocessing bags.  Solutions are tested and certified to customer requirements.  Raw materials include but not limited to ethanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, hexylene glycol, and water for injection. 

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Pharmco Case Studies

Returnable Fleet Case Study

Need: A pharmaceutical contract manufacturer required an aseptic method to add pure ethanol to their manufacturing process in precise volumes. They voiced concerns with personnel being exposed to large volumes of flammable material.  

Solution: The customer chose to leverage Pharmco’s pressurized Stainless-Steel Returnable Container program.

Result: Quick connects on the containers allowed them to easily plug right into their manufacturing process without needing to open the container. The pressurization allowed for seamless and accurate dispensing with nitrogen pressure, without ever coming in contact with ethanol or exposing the ethanol to their manufacturing environment.

Diagnostic Case Study

Need: A molecular tool and assay development company required Ethanol as one of the main components for their virus collection and transport device. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the virus collection and transport device was now in desperate need. The customer voiced concerns over ensuring supply chain regulatory compliance and their ability to source raw materials through a period of rapid growth.

Solution: Pharmco provided continuity of supply, various packaging options from bottles to bulk.

Result: As an ISO 9001:2015 and GMP IPEC compliant manufacturer of ethanol, Pharmco leveraged their manufacturing capabilities to eliminate their supply constraints and quality concerns,  helping the customer to maximize batch size, reduce packaging waste, and increase efficiencies of their manufacturing as it scaled. Additionally, Pharmco was able to provide the latest guidance with regards to ethanol’s regulatory requirements.

Custom Blend Case Study

Need: A next generation biologics manufacturing facility looking to operate with maximum efficiency needed to source a buffer solution used in their downstream manufacturing process.  Their application required high purity raw materials that were not off the shelf. 

Solution: Pharmco developed a custom blend meeting the purity, concentration, testing, packaging, storage, and transportation requirements.

Result: The solution enabled the customer to create a more efficient manufacturing process by providing one item to source, test, stock, and buy with single-source ownership of the formulation quality. By outsourcing production to the Pharmco team, they reduced supply chain risks and costs. They were able to pull inventory just-in-time to meet production campaigns without the complexity of managing this process in-house. 

Filtration Case Study

Need: A biologics manufacturer was struggling to source raw materials that were free from particulate matter.

Solution: Pharmco leveraged its filtration expertise and its in-house ISO certified clean room to provide a more refined product that met their strict needs. Additionally, a custom single use bag strategy was employed to further minimize the risk of contamination right up to the point of use.

Result: A consistently high-quality product was provided, that added value to their downstream process and delivered significant savings and efficiencies.

The Greenfield Difference.

We are committed to unlocking the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

When partnering with Pharmco by Greenfield Global you join an elite global production, packaging, and distribution network committed to providing high quality solvent solutions to you and your business - when and where you need them.

Multi product
buffer facility

Scalability to meet
global demand

Consistent buffer quality to enhance performance of
final drug

Global footprint to provide GMP solutions to our global customers

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